Pit Bull Crazy

While at the doctors office today, I happened to look out the window, and saw a black and white pit bull.  It looked like a mini cow.  I had the urge to get up and walk out to meet the dog.  I wonder why whenever I see a pit bull type dog I feel like I have to introduce myself to the dog and the owner.  I ask a ton of questions.  Owners probably get annoyed with me, but I can not seem to help myself.  I love pit bulls wagging tails and happy personalities.  I have yet to meet a pit bull or owner that I didn’t like.  Sometimes I think that I’m pit bull crazy. LOL

Calming Music

I was talking with a friend the other day about past experiences with crate training and separation anxiety in our past dogs.  The pug that I had didn’t care if I left the TV on or the radio.  He just wanted noise.  My friend’s dog calmed down when they put on classical music.  My pit bull was hard to figure out.  I tried so many things while crate training him and trying to deal with his separation anxiety.  First, I tried leaving the TV on and putting his favorite toy in the crate with him.  He still freaked out.  I tried the white noise of a fan and gave him an old shirt that smelled like me.  I was told to cover his crate to make it dark, that didn’t work.  I tried classical music and jazz music.  I was starting to think that nothing would calm him down while in his crate.  Then, one day by accident I tuned into an opera station.  As soon as he heard it he stopped crying and laid his head down.  I was amazed.  From that point on I had little trouble from him and his separation anxiety seemed to have been resolved.  Makes me wonder how other pit bulls and other fur babies stay calm while being crated or while their owners are away…….

Fire Department Pit Bulls

pit bull shortly after being rescuedOnce again, my Face Book news feed has shown me a great ‘happy ending’ article about this little abused dog, Ashley.  She was very under weight and had cigarette burns on her head.  The rescuers, No More Pain Rescue , found her in the middle of winter in an abandoned house.  There was no heat, no food, no water.  A New York Fire Department station stepped up to foster Ashley.  After spending a couple of days with her, the team decided to adopt Ashley.  She lives at the fire house and even has her own seat on the fire truck. Ashley the pit bull at the fire station

So of course seeing this article made me think “how many more fire departments out there have pit bulls?” I went searching and here you go…

In the town of Newburgh, NY, the fire department adopted Nick.  He had been found tied to a fire hydrant.

firehouse dog





Bill Lindler, a fire fighter in Hanahan, SC, saved a puppy from a burning shed.  The puppy, Jake, had an unknown future due to over 50% of his body covered in burns.  Lindler decided to adopt Jake.  As Jake started to heal and get stronger, he went to the fire house with Lindler.  He was a happy puppy and the rest of the fire fighters loved him.  Jake became the official mascot of the Fire Department.




This is only 3 pit bulls.  3 dogs lives changed forever.  3 happy endings.  Not to mention all of the people that these dogs see everyday.  How many lives have these dogs touched in some way?  I know that just from reading these stories that I wish I could meet the people who saved these dogs.  There are more stories about pit bulls being a part of a fire department.  More lives changed…..



Pit Bulls in the Movies and on TV

I love seeing that bully breeds are being used in movies.  It got me wondering how long pit bulls have been actors in movies and on TV.  So of course I did some research and found out a bunch of stuff I didn’t know, and revisited some things I already did.

In 1901, an American Pit Bull Terrier, named Mannie, starred in the film Bag-Punching Dog.  He also appeared in Tramp & the Bulldog, Dog Factory (1904), and in Terrible The Kids (1906).

Oh, and then there was Mutt.  Mutt’s owner was Charlie Chaplin.  Mutt starred in Chaplin’s 1918 A Dog’s Life.  Though I bet any Charlie Chaplin fans out there already knew this…

Although I am familiar with the 1994 version of The Little Rascals,  I was not familiar about the series Our Gang from the early 1920’s and 30’s.    Before Our Gang, Pal, played in The Freshman and a series of short films as Tige.  In 1921, Pal, was cast as Pete the Pup in the Our Gang series.  After his death in 1930, Pal’s son Pete played the part of Pete the Pup.  Pete was registered with the American Kennel Club as a Staffordshire Terrier.

In the 1984 film Flash dance, a red pit bull named Grunt, played as a beloved pet.

Now this movie I watched over and over again as a kid.  Chance was my favorite character.  Chance, played by Sure Grip Rattler, was an American pit bull that starred in the 1993 movie Homeward Bound.  What I didn’t know about “Chance” was that after the movie he went on to work on the fire department.  He sniffed out flammable liquids.

This show I never heard of until I started this research, though I think I might try to find it on Netflix and binge watch it just to see the dog.  Lucy, a 3 legged pit bull, was adopted in 2004 from a pit bull rescue.  She played the part of Champion on the TV series Parks and Recreation.

I’m sure that there are many more movies and shows with pit bulls in them.  Both new and old.  I intend to watch as many as I can.  I find it amazing that these bully breeds are so talked down on yet they have been trained to be in movies and TV shows….

Pit Bull Police

The Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9 work together to save pit bulls and give them the training they need to become police dogs.  It costs thousands of dollars to purchase a police dog from a breeder.  Training rescued pit bulls saves lives and money.

kiah-dog.jpg  Have you heard about Kiah?  She’s a police officer in New York.  She’s also an 85lb rescued pit bull.  Kiah is fighting pit bull stereotypes by helping to find missing people and sniffing out drugs.   Kiah was in a shelter in Texas with a horrible injury to her skull.  She had been hit on the head with hammer.  Now she protects and serves.


Image result for pictures of shaka the pit bull Another pit bull, Shaka, was rescued from death row in a New York shelter.  Shaka was enrolled in the training program at the Washington State Patrol Academy.  Shaka did very well and graduated the program.  Shaka was a member of the Washougal Police Department for four years, until they downsized their canine unit.  That’s when she was relocated to the Milwaukie Police Department.

* Update *

As of December 2017 there are 52 Universal K-9 pit bulls working on the streets of America!  Here are a couple more wonderful pit bulls helping to keep us safe.

In Stafford Kansas, you will find Kano.  He is named after the Mortal Combat character due to his one blue eye and one yellow eye.  Kano is a drug sniffing dog but the department hopes to have him trained for tracking also.  Kano seems pretty happy working for his ball!


 Kara, was rescued from a Texas shelter.  After her training she became a member of the Colorado Mounted Rangers, in Parker, Co.  Kara is trained in drug detection and tracking to help find missing people.


Image may contain: dog and outdoorApollo, was once thought to be un-adoptable due to his high energy.  The Tukwila Police Department decided to give him a chance.  Apollo is a drug sniffing K-9 with the Tukwila PD in Washington state.