Pick up Poop

While driving down my street today, I saw the pit bull that lives a couple of houses down from me.  He was pooping in the neighbors drive way right next to the car.  Now, up and down the street is piles of poop.  Not little poops either.  Can’t walk on the sidewalk because of all of the poop.  There are several pitties and a rottie that live on my street.  All of them very nice, friendly dogs.  But they all leave big piles.  And for some reason the owners don’t scoop the poop.  Please be responsible dog parents and clean up after your dog.  I hate having to walk down the street with my kids having to walk in the road….

My Water Boy

With the warm weather coming, I got to thinking about how much I’ve missed swimming over the winter.  Also got me thinking about how much my boy Trago  loved the water…. unless it was bath time.  He hated baths.  But he sure did love to go swimming.
 He would jump right in, not caring how cold the water was.  If he thought that I was out to deep, he would come and swim circles around me, moving me closer to shore.  If he was tired out he would go to shore and bark at me until I got out of the water.

He didn’t care if it was the kiddie pool, the lake, or water in the bath tub.  If he could get into it and splash around he was a very happy boy!  And of course he had to make sure that I got wet along with him.

How many of you have water pitties??

Baseball Player meet Pit Bull

Check out this story about a baseball player that adopted a pit bull.  He had only planed on fostering the dog but fell in love instead.  Fostering saves lives.  Some times it turns into ‘foster failures’.


Who is the Dangerous Breed?

Image may contain: one or more people, text and outdoor In just two countries, Canada and the United States, between 1982 and 2014, there were 295 deaths caused by pit bull type dogs.  That’s a 32 year time span.  That’s about 9 deaths a year caused by pit bulls.

In just the United States there are around 16,238 murders in a single year.  That averages out to about 44 murders a day.

So who is the dangerous breed?



Image may contain: dog, grass, outdoor and nature This is Lexus.  She is a sibling of Titus and His Girl Hailey .  It seems like she is having a bit of difficulty catching the ball. She is definitely a silly girl.  This picture made me think about how hard I tried to teach my boy how to play fetch.  He would chase the ball but would not bring it back.  Once the ball was in hes possession, Trago would not give up for anything.  He would lay down in the grass and chew it to bits.  Or he would dig a whole and bury it for later.  I don’t know if it was a training issue or if he was just being stubborn.  I bought a lot of tennis balls for that dog.  He learned other things with no problem.  I guess he either hated the ball or loved it to death…..  Makes me wonder if other pitties are ball destroyers too???

Heroic Pit Bull

Yay! Thank God this lady is ok.

Sad in 2017 people still spread rumors about Dogs that have the nickname "Pit Bull" when in fact they are wonderful Dogs……Its horrible these poor Dogs get such a bad reputation….. watch this video and you will see how amazing Dogs with the nickname "Pit Bull" truly are 🐕

Posted by Pit Bulls Love on Friday, April 21, 2017