Dog Abuse Hotline

I’ve been seeing on social media, people asking what they should do about dog abuse they just witnessed. First, you want to call your local law enforcement. Make sure to give them details about the abuse, such as, place, type of abuse, and if it is happening right now. If you can not get through to your local police then try the following hot lines.

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Breeds That Are Mistaken For Pit Bulls

How exactly do you know the actual breed(s) of a pit bull type dog? How many people can point to a dog and say without a doubt that the dog is a pit bull? How many people have seen the following breeds and said ‘that’s a pit bull’?

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Tips On How To Ease Anxiety In Pit Bulls

Does your pit bull tend to be anxious in some situations? Here are a few tips that might make high anxiety situations easier for you and your pit bull.

If at all possible try to tire your pup out first. A dog that has used up most of his energy playing will have less energy to use on being anxious. So a good play session should be in order before any high anxiety situations.

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