What Is Pets For Patriots

Around 3million animals do not make it out of shelters alive each year. This is roughly equal to the population of the state of Iowa. 1 in 5 Afghanistan and Iraq veterans suffer from depression, and are high risk for suicide. Pets can help relieve depression by giving their unconditional love and acceptance. Pets give us a renewed sense of purpose in our lives. Pets for Patriots has helped with over 1,817 pet adoptions to the men and women of our military.


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How To Boost Your Dog’s Mood

We all know that dogs (or any pet) can have a very positive effect on our mental health. Just seeing a dog makes me smile. Petting a dog helps to ease my anxiety. But, how do we know if we are making our dogs happy? Pay attention to your dog’s face, eyes, ears, and body. By knowing your pit bull’s expressions and body language, you will be able to tell when he’s happy and liking what’s going on.

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