Dog Tug Of War Toys

I remember that my pit bull loved to play tug of war. Most of the time I was the one that ended with my butt in the grass because the tug toy wasn’t strong enough to handle my pit bull’s rough play. I spent a lot of money on tug of war toys that just didn’t cut it.

I recently discovered a company that sells awesome tug toys, Tether Tug Dog Toys.
Super-strong UBER Tether Tug

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Why Do Pit Bulls Frog Leg


Trago Frog Leg
Mr Frog Butt

Your pit bull laying like a frog is normal.  It’s rather common, in fact.

I think a pittie’s frog legs is very cute! Though the first time I saw my boy laying like a frog, I was very nervous. I had never seen a dog lay like that before. But then he did it again and again, so I figured it must not hurt him.

He laid like a frog so often that I started calling him Frog Butt. Though it is more commonly known as ‘splooting’.

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