About Us

JosephHi, I’m Joseph. And I’m Heather.

When a friend came to me about 7 years ago, asking if I would be interested in having one of his pit bull puppies, I immediately said no.  I had heard so many bad things about pit bulls.  I was afraid of them even though I had never met one.

I decided to do some research on the breed.  Almost everything that I found on the internet was negative stuff.  After seeing countless pictures of the breed, I started to fall in love with the look of pit bulls.  I kept wondering how such a beautiful animal with such soulful eyes could be so dangerous.  So I kept searching for something, anything positive about these dogs.

That’s when I came across Pit bulls and Parolees on Animal Planet.  I watched one episode and was sold on the show.  I binge watched the entire season.  After I was finished I knew that I had to have one of those dogs.  I called my friend and went to meet the puppies…

I fell in love with the whole litter.  I got to handle each of the puppies.  Each one was adorable and sweat, but I didn’t feel a connection with them.  Finally I got to hold this little black and white male…. he was the one.  I had to give him a name (Trago) and wait until he was old enough to come home with me.

Since I had other dogs in the house, I thought it would be a good idea to bring them to meet the new puppy before I brought him home.  The meet and great went amazing.  When I brought him home, he fit in like he was meant to be there.

I have had dogs most of my life so I thought training and toys and such would be a breeze.  I was so wrong.  Trago was a wild and crazy dog from the start.  He loved people.  He loved to jump on people to kiss them.  He thought he was a lap dog.  He loved to play.

I could not find toys that would last more than 5 minutes.  I never had this issue with any of my other dogs.  I could not get him to learn any commands other than “sit” and “shake”.  I could not find any good training tips that I hadn’t already tried.  So, Trago continued to go through toys like no tomorrow, and he continued to be a wild and crazy lug of a dog…

Hopefully, I will be able to help pit bulls by breaking stereotypes and giving information about them as a breed.  I hope to help people understand the dog.  I hope to be able to send people to the right places to get what they need…. such as a pit bull sturdy toy, or that training tip to get your dog to sit….

Thanks always,

Joseph and Heather


Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, we hope our dreams of helping the bully breeds and their owners will come true.