Bad Doggy Breath

Just like humans, dogs can have bad breath. My pit bull had the worst breath ever. Does your pit bull have bad doggy breath? Let’s find out why and what can be done about it!

What is the cause of bad doggy breath?

Gum DiseaseThe most common cause of doggy bad breath is usually dental or gum disease. However, there are other medical problems that can cause bad breath. There could be bigger medical issues in the mouth, or in the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, or internal organs. Diabetes can also cause bad breath. If your dog’s bad breath is persistent, please bring him to the veterinarian for a checkup!

What can be done about bad doggy breath?

Take your pit bull to your veterinarian for teeth cleanings once or twice a year. Regular dental check ups and cleaning will help to keep your pup’s breath fresh. It will also help to prevent abscesses, infections, tooth decay, and any eating and behavioral issues caused by tooth pain. A doggy dental cleaning is very similar to a cleaning that we get when we go to the dentist.

Brushing TeethThis next one was very hard for me to do with my pit bull. He would lick all the paste off of the tooth brush and then steal the brush and play with it. Hope you have much better luck then I did! Brush your pit bull’s teeth everyday. It will take practice and patience, but an everyday brushing will help to keep bad breath away. Remember to reward your pit bull with a treat after to help let him know that brushing is a good thing.

Chew ToyMake sure that you give your pit bull plenty of things to chew on. A thick bone or a strong chew toy will help to keep her teeth strong and to break away calcified bacteria that causes tooth decay.

If you have any concerns about your pit bull’s breath, please call or visit your veterinarian.

Author: Heather

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10 thoughts on “Bad Doggy Breath”

  1. Thank you for dispelling the misconceptions about this breed. I owned a “bully” breed and had the best experience! He was a loyal, dedicated dog with a huge heart! You site is great education for people that don’t know what they are missing!!

  2. Our dog has horrible breath, we have tried many different things. It’s tough to get teeth cleaned professionally once or twice per year, due to the cost. We did have her teeth cleaned a few years ago and thankfully the vet did not have to extract any teeth. The thing is though, her breath didn’t really smell any better. Maybe it has to due with the breed, she is some sort of golden retriever mix. Do you know if certain breeds are prone to bad breath? We probably should have been better about brushing when she was younger, but she was 5 years old when we rescued her. Anyway, looking forward to hearing back from you.

    1. I really think that bad breath is just a dog thing. I have had many different breeds over the years and they all had bad breath. Thankfully they were all healthy. You are right, it is costly to bring your dog to the vet for dental care. I had one dog that had the worst breath….she would eat poop and anything else gross that she could find. No amount of brushing her teeth would get rid of the smell. My pit bull had BAD breath. Brushing his teeth didn’t happen. But one day he discovered those little round red and white hard mints. He asked for one everyday and his breath got better. (I bought the sugar free ones.)

  3. Great Stuff.. I broke the head off a toothbrush and kind of tie it to my finger with my kids loom bands (those tiny colourful elastic bands that were a trend a few years ago)… I find this gives me a bit more control when brushing my dog’s teeth.

    1. That is an awesome idea! Plus if you have your finger in your dog’s mouth there is less of a chance of the dog biting. Where as with just the brush the dog would be more inclined to bite it. Dog’s know better than to bite mom!

  4. I do not have a “bully breed: but do have a soft spot for them and I love your site. Regular check ups are so important for our furry friends! They cant tell us when something is wrong so we have to stay on top of it for them! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Hi, Heather

    I’m new to WA. I love your site. I think there is great information and lots of it. I can see I need to write more. Great work. Good luck!


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