Calming Music

I was talking with a friend the other day about past experiences with crate training and separation anxiety in our past dogs.  The pug that I had didn’t care if I left the TV on or the radio.  He just wanted noise.  My friend’s dog calmed down when they put on classical music.  My pit bull was hard to figure out.  I tried so many things while crate training him and trying to deal with his separation anxiety.  First, I tried leaving the TV on and putting his favorite toy in the crate with him.  He still freaked out.  I tried the white noise of a fan and gave him an old shirt that smelled like me.  I was told to cover his crate to make it dark, that didn’t work.  I tried classical music and jazz music.  I was starting to think that nothing would calm him down while in his crate.  Then, one day by accident I tuned into an opera station.  As soon as he heard it he stopped crying and laid his head down.  I was amazed.  From that point on I had little trouble from him and his separation anxiety seemed to have been resolved.  Makes me wonder how other pit bulls and other fur babies stay calm while being crated or while their owners are away…….

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