Dog Tug Of War Toys

I remember that my pit bull loved to play tug of war. Most of the time I was the one that ended with my butt in the grass because the tug toy wasn’t strong enough to handle my pit bull’s rough play. I spent a lot of money on tug of war toys that just didn’t cut it.

I recently discovered a company that sells awesome tug toys, Tether Tug Dog Toys.
Super-strong UBER Tether Tug

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Embark Veterinary, Inc.

I never knew exactly what breeds my big block head was. I knew that he was part American Staffordshire, but was told that he could have had some boxer or lab in him too. It didn’t bother me, I loved my ‘pit bull’. And my landlord didn’t care as long as he was friendly.

There are many dogs out there that get mistaken for a ‘pit bull’. And there are plenty of landlords that don’t allow any dog that resembles a ‘pit bull’ type dog.

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This is one of those products that is cute and helpful. If your pit bull gets out of the yard and decides to roam the neighborhood, then she will have all of the correct information attached to her collar for someone to bring her home safe. Pet DMV is a great way identify your pittie.

It is really fast and easy to design a wonderful ID for your pit bull. There is a simple form to fill out, which is basically all of the information that you want on your dog’s ID. You will have to upload the picture that you want to use. Then you view and approve, add to cart, and proceed to the checkout.

Your pit bull’s ID is made with hard plastic and is water resistant. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, and is made in the United States. Your dog’s Pet DMV gets printed within 24 hours.

Your order will contain a key chain ID and a real life wallet size ID. It will run you $24.99 with free shipping.

Check out My Pet DMV and see how the IDs look and read what others have to say about them. I really think that you will be happy with form of identification for your pup!

Bully Make Boxes

Is your pit bull a major chewer? Every pit bull parent that I have ever met has complained that their dog goes through toys like crazy. I know that my boy Trago did. I couldn’t find a pit bull tough toy anywhere. I probably would have saved a ton of money if I had known about Bully Make Boxes.

Why Should You Chose Bully Make Boxes?

  • Each of their boxes contain 2-3 tough chew toys and 3-4 healthy snacks. They have four plans that you can choose from: 1 month for $39, 3 months for $108, 6 months for $204, and 12 months for $372. Plus, they have free bully-make-toy shipping in the United States.
  • They take any allergies that your pittie might have into consideration while they are hand-picking things to go into your box.
  • Bully Make guarantees all of their toys for 14 days.
  • bully-make-treats They make their own toys and treats, so you will receive some of those along with others in your box.



  • Bully Make works with shelters and rescues to benefit dogs everywhere.
  • You can purchase a box as a gift for a friend.


I know that some of you might be wincing at the price of a box. But stop and think about how much money you have been spending on toys that don’t last for even 5 minutes. Is the price of a Bully Make Box worth the 14 day guarantee? Try them out for 1 month and see what you think!