DNA Dog Tests

I know that more and more people are taking DNA tests to find out where they come from. Have you ever wondered what your dog’s background is? Would you like to know exactly which breeds your pup is made up of? A DNA dog test could answer your question.

Find Your Answer At Embark

There are four easy steps to finding out your dog’s breed(s) and any health problems that could be prevented.

1. Activate your account.

2. Swab the inside of your dog’s mouth.

3. Bag it.

4. Send it out in the mail.

The results will be available on desktop, cell phone, or a printed copy. You can send the results to your veterinarian.

Embark’s scientist use over 200,000 genetic markers to discover your dog’s family tree. They also use 175 genetic health and trait tests to help you prevent any health risks. Embark’s DNA test for dogs is the most accurate that is available.

Embark Dog DNA Test is a research partner of Cornell University Collage of Veterinary Medicine. Now I know that is a mouthful but, WOW!

I believe that knowing what breed(s) your dog is and any health issue that could come up, is good for you and your dog. Preventative care is much cheaper than emergency care. Not to mention that knowing what your dog is can help in finding an apartment or make getting home insurance easier.

Embark┬áPlus there are SO many dogs out there that are labeled as pit bulls and truly are not. Maybe if we can get an accurate positive ID of the actual pit bull breeds then maybe pit bulls won’t be blamed for so much negative stuff.

Embark also tries to help animal shelters place dogs in good homes by giving the shelters a discount on the tests. I love that they do this!

So, if you aren’t sure just what kind of dog you have or you are wondering if your dog could have genetic health issues then CLICK HERE to get your Embark Dog DNA Test!


Author: JTowsley

I am a dad of three, two boys and a girl. I have a wonderful wife, Heather. We love animals, especially pit bull type dogs.

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