Do Dogs Really Love Us?

Do you ever wonder if your furry best friend loves you? Or just the attention that you give him? The answer is found in your dog’s behavior.

Dog behaviors to look for in your dog:

makes-eye-contact Makes eye contact – When you look into your dogs eyes and she stares back with relaxed eyes, it’s with love. It means that she is comfortable and happy with you.


 tail wagsTail wags – Not all tail wags are friendly. But, when your dog sees you and gives a full-body wag with her tail held at mid-height, along with other positive body language, it is clear that she is excited and happy to see you.


snuggles-with-you Touches you – Comfortable, happy dogs want to be near you. Sitting or laying on you, leaning against you, and sleeping with his head or paw on you probably means that you are one of your dog’s favorite people.


smiles-at-you Grinning at you – A smiling dog is most likely a calm and happy dog. When your dog’s mouth is open and relaxed his is probably smiling at you. Go ahead and smile back.


licking-youLicking you – Licking can be considered a display of affection. When your dog licks your face she is greeting you with acceptance and happiness.



 yawnsYawning – If your dog yawns in response to your yawn, then it’s a good indicator that he is emotionally close to you.



Hopefully this shed some light on what some of your dog’s behaviors mean. Do dogs really love us? Well, if your dog displays the above behaviors, then yes, I would say that dogs really do love us. Let us know about any other behaviors that your dogs have that might indicate that they love you!

Author: JTowsley

I am a dad of three, two boys and a girl. I have a wonderful wife, Heather. We love animals, especially pit bull type dogs.

4 thoughts on “Do Dogs Really Love Us?”

  1. Both of our daughters have a pit bull mix, and they are some of the most loving dogs I’ve ever seen. Love your blog!

  2. Hello Joseph!
    I recently adopted a German shepherd puppy which is extremely energetic and bites everyone! Luckily he’s still young and hopefully will stop. I’m so happy that he shows all the signs of love you mentioned.

    1. I’ve had many dogs over the years and everyone of them nibbled on people as puppies. I broke them of the habit by teaching them to kiss. Every time they went to bite I would gently grab their faces and say ‘no bites, be gentle, give kisses’, then I would smooch their faces. Every time they gave kisses instead of nibbling I would give a treat or lots of pats and positive words. I’m glad that your puppy is showing these signs of love.

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