Dog Collars For Pit Bulls

There are many kinds of dog collars out there. The type of collar can depend on what you want the collar for. Do you want a collar just for looks? Or are you looking for a non pull type of collar? Dog collars for pit bulls should be able to hold up to the strength of their pull.

Choke Chain hanging around Trago’s neck.

Choke Chains – First of all, NEVER tie your pit bull out with this collar on. If your pittie starts pulling on the leash, this collar will start to choke him, causing him to stop pulling. If your pit bull is smart like my boy was, then don’t let too much slack on the chain because your pittie will slip his head out of it.

Pinch Collars – Again, NEVER leave your pit bull tied out with this collar

Pinch Collar on Trago

I know that there are people who oppose these two collars.  If used the wrong way, then yes I am sure they would cause pain. Being an animal lover especially my animals, I had both of these collars used on myself. Neither one of them caused me actual pain. Just a choking feeling that let up as soon as I stopped pulling against them.

Trago with a Nylon Collar

Nylon – For a pit bull a high quality collar, usually a couple layers thick, will work. It should be at least 2 inches wide. If it has been chewed on or starts to fray then it should be replaced as soon as possible.

Leather – Leather collars are a little stronger than nylon ones. They should be high quality and a couple of inches wide.

I never left any of the collars on Trago while inside.  They were always taken off once he sat or laid down for me to do so. 

There are different places where you can purchase your pit bull’s collars.  At, they guarantee that the collar will last for 10 years.  If it doesn’t then they will replace it or give you a refund.  That seems like a pretty good deal to me!  Wish I knew about this company when I had Trago.


A Proper Fit

Make sure to measure your pit bull’s neck. Pull the tape measure snug but not tight. Then, add 2 inches. If you can fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck then it fits properly. If you can not fit two fingers between the collar and the neck then the collar is too tight. For less pressure on your pit bull’s neck, choose a wider collar. A pit bull’s collar can range from 14” to 30″.

My Experiences

Trago would never leave the yard by himself so the only time I would tie him up was if I had to run into the house for something. Whenever he was outside he had his harness on, and that is what I would hook him to. The rest of the time he ran around the yard free.

As a puppy he was a puller, and he pulled hard. Harnesses wouldn’t stop him from pulling. Choke collars didn’t phase him. A regular old nylon or leather collar he could destroy just by pulling against them. He got worse as he got older. If he got loose while on a walk, he would bound around and refuse to come back…. until I shouted “car ride”. I tried different training techniques that friends suggested. Nothing worked. Until someone told me to get a prong (pinch) collar. I took one look at it and said no way.

Well, Trago ended up with that prong collar. And it worked! I was finally able to bring my pit bull for a walk and not get pulled and jerked around. Never once did he make a sound of pain or in any way make me think that it was hurting him. But using that prong collar was like walking a different dog. As soon as he saw me grab it from its hook, Trago would get so excited about going for a walk. He would sit down and let me put it on him. Then, he would walk by my side and follow all of my commands. I would give him slack in the leash so he could sniff around and do his business. He seemed to enjoy our walks together much more, and I know that I did.


Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences!!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! It is very important the type of collar you put on your furry friend. Many will not work for certain dogs. My girlfriend has to little Shih tzus and the small basic nylon is perfect. A big dog would wear them collars out! Best of luck!

    My buddy has a pitbull and I am pretty sure he uses a pronged collar. I will have to look into that next time I see him.

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