Image may contain: dog, grass, outdoor and nature This is Lexus.  She is a sibling of Titus and His Girl Hailey .  It seems like she is having a bit of difficulty catching the ball. She is definitely a silly girl.  This picture made me think about how hard I tried to teach my boy how to play fetch.  He would chase the ball but would not bring it back.  Once the ball was in hes possession, Trago would not give up for anything.  He would lay down in the grass and chew it to bits.  Or he would dig a whole and bury it for later.  I don’t know if it was a training issue or if he was just being stubborn.  I bought a lot of tennis balls for that dog.  He learned other things with no problem.  I guess he either hated the ball or loved it to death…..  Makes me wonder if other pitties are ball destroyers too???

Author: JTowsley

I am a dad of three, two boys and a girl. I have a wonderful wife, Heather. We love animals, especially pit bull type dogs.

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