Gifts For Pit Bull Lovers

Pit bull lovers are unlike any other people I have ever met. They are very passionate about the bully breeds. Some of them are even like me…. loves everything pit bull! So, what are some good ideas for gifts for pit bull lovers?


There are many options out there. You could give pit bull jewelry: ear  rings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even pins. Pit bull clothes could be another good choice: hoodies, shirts, sweatpants, hats, even shoes. Or if the gift is for someone like me that likes to color to de-stress: there are severalImage result for free images of pit bull coloring books  different pit bull coloring books out there. I would love one those!

If you want to give two gifts for the price of one, then I would suggest purchasing something from a non-profit organization that fights for pit bulls. Pit bull rescues use donations and proceeds from merchandise sales to help feed and vet the dogs, and to help educate people about the bully breeds. There are many pit bull organizations out there, but here are a couple to get you started:,,

Or you could go for a more personal touch. You could take pictures of your giftee’s pit bull and make a collage, or paint a picture of the dog. One thing that I love is that places like Walmart can take your favorite photos and turn them into so many things: blankets, mugs, puzzles, pillows, large canvas… and so many more. I personally would love a blanket made from my favorite picture of my boy!

I hope that I gave you some good ideas on what to give your favorite pit bull lover….for any occasion! Happy gifting!

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