How To Exercise A Pit Bull

If you have a pit bull, than you know that these dogs are high energy. If their energy isn’t released in a healthy way than they can turn into little energy tornadoes. Let’s explore different ways on how to exercise a pit bull.

HikingHiking – My boy would get so excited when I told him we were going to the mountain. He knew that meant hours of new smells, mud holes to play in, and lots of climbing. He even enjoyed winter hiking. Usually once we off the mountain and in the car, my pit bull was fast asleep and stayed that way the rest of the day and night.

Running – If you are a runner than you are in luck, most pit bulls love to run. Make sure that your dog is properly leash trained or he will try to drag you along. Take it slow at first. Start off with short runs and work your pit bull up to longer runs. Pay attention to his behavior and you will know when he’s ready to run longer.

Long Walks – Walking isn’t as high intensity so your dog might need walks that are longer than 30 minutes. Try to change your walking routes regularly. Walking on flat ground is ok, but try to get some hills in there to make your pit bull’s work out a little harder. Gotta walk that energy out of her.

FrisbeeFetch – Fetch is great if your pup needs a work out but you don’t. Some pit bulls like to play fetch with a ball and others prefer a Frisbee. They like the chase of a moving object. They also like to catch the object out of the air. There are some pit bulls that do awesome tricks with their human and a Frisbee.

Agility – I recently saw a video of a pit bull going through an agility course. The pup was fast. Agility courses make your dog use his brain and body to get through the challenges. It does take training, but once your pit bull knows what you want him to do, he will be happy to run the course for you.

Dog ParkDog Park/Play Date – If your pit bull is well-trained and socialized than a few hours at the dog park would be a great way for her to get some energy out. Dogs love to play with other dogs because they can play rougher than they can with their humans. If you don’t have a dog park near you than try a play date with another dog that your dog has had positive experiences with. Along with the energy release, this helps to keep the pups socialized.

Play With You – Your pit bull would love a play session with you. You can play chase or tug of war. A gentle game of wrestling would be fun for your pup. Be mindful of your pit bull’s behavior. You don’t want him to get rough, nipping could start to happen.

Sometimes I would just open the door and let my pit bull out in the yard to do zoomies. After a few minutes of running around like a crazy dog, he would ask to come back in and he would be relaxed the rest of the day. Other days he would need several zoomie sessions.

Trago Zoomies

Do you and your pit bull have a special energy busting activity that you do together? Let us know!

If you have any questions or concerns about your pit bull’s health or ability to do any of these activities, please contact your veterinarian.

Author: Heather

I'm here to help my husband, Joe, create Pit Bull Love.

9 thoughts on “How To Exercise A Pit Bull”

  1. I can definitely relate to most of what you’ve said here! My pit mix Raph loves to hike! We go to a nature preserve right up the road or to state parks to hike mountain trails. Definitely the best kind of exercise, I just need to be careful he doesn’t overexert himself.

    I would like to get back into agility as we used to do it when he was a young pup. He’s got the mind for it and enjoys it, but since we’ve moved I haven’t had the best luck finding a training facility I enjoy.

    We have numerous dog parks around here, but I need to try to visit them again. For Raph’s safety, we stopped going because he would be the target of some misbehaved dogs and humans tend not to watch their dogs too closely at some of the parks in the area. He’s got a nice permanent knot in his poor tail from where a Rotteweiler decided to chomp down.

    I love it when Raph gets zoomies!! It’s funny because some people don’t understand the term and you have to explain it to them. This is probably an all dog thing, but I’ve definitely noticed it the most in pitbulls.

    1. My pit bull loved hiking so much that he would out do himself. I would have to put his leash on him and force him to take a break and drink.

      Do you have a yard of any size? Just to get back into the feel of it, you could make your own agility course. I never had the opportunity to do agility with my boy, but it seems to me that it would be a great bonding activity.

      I’m sorry that your pup got hurt. If you don’t feel that your dog will be safe at a dog park try small play dates. That way there wont be a lot of dogs with humans not supervising them. Play dates with only one or two other dogs and their humans could be more fun and also safer.

      You’re right, some people don’t understand ‘zoomies’. I don’t know how to explain it without seeming to be rude by laughing. I had a pug once that used to do zoomies, but I think that pit bull zoomies are the best. Plus it’s fun to do zoomies with them. Though my boy always gave me a weird look when I tried to join him…I could not keep up with his sudden turns.

  2. Hi very good information there are a lot of good tricks that I will be trying out with my dog. I loved all the information on the exercise tips and tricks for my pup. I am wondering how is the best way to teach my pit bull to stay when walk away I would love to learn more about this.

    1. Hi, I’m glad that enjoyed this article.  Oh, boy, the ‘stay’ command was one that I could not get my pit bull to do.  Though I have been told that it is easier to work on if you have a second, patient person with you to help out by holding the leash.  You give the sit command, then a treat.  Give the stay command and take a step away. If your pup tries to follow then your friend holding the leash gives a slight tug.  If your pup stays, give a treat.  Give the sit command, a treat.  Take two steps away. If your pup stays, give a treat.  Keep doing this until your dog learns to stop pulling on the leash to follow you.  Hope that helps.

  3. Hi Heather, thank you for the post. It is very hard to keep a high energy dog entertained, I speak from experience. For my dog, the best exercise is hiking. We go almost daily for 1 – 2 hours. I don’t actually own a pitbull, but a lot of people are scared of my dog because they think she is a fighting dog. One day I was told off by a stranger on the street for having her years cut (please note that her ears are not cut! She’s a Dutch Shepherd mix and her ears are like this. I’m always being told of by people where I live for no reason other than my dog looking scary to them. She’s an angel and I wish this prejudice would stop. Well done for speaking up about!

    1. I’m sorry that you and your dog are treated poorly.  No human or animal deserves to be treated badly.  

      Wow, daily hikes! That is one energized dog! As long as the exercise routine works for you and your baby girl, that’s all that matters.  Enjoy the time spent with your pup and never mind those nay sayers!

  4. Hello Heather,

    Nice article on exercising your pit bull, I enjoyed reading as I’m a dog lover myself. My dog goes craze from excitement when it’s time to go for a walk.

    The exercise plans you presented is the perfect way to keep your pit bull healthy and fit. I do the same, walk to the stadium with my dog and there we have a couple of sprints then walk back home.

    A great exercise program, keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you!  I love the fact that my pit bull was always energetic.  It meant that I didn’t have time to sit around on my butt all day!!  

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