Identifying Your Pit Bull

At some point our four legged fur kids will escape the safety of their home and yard. Unfortunately, sometimes our pit bulls get stolen from us. You should have some way of identifying your pit bull.

There are a couple of ways for others and yourself to identify your pittie:

  • Put a collar on your pit bull with his county license and rabies vaccine
    Your county and rabies vaccine tags should look similar to these.

    tags on it. The numbers on the tags are assigned to you and your pittie.


  • gps-collar
    This is just one of many styles and types of GPS collars out there.

    You could purchase a GPS collar. It will send you notifications if your dog goes out of its area. Then, you can find your pit bull’s location via satellite.


  • You can get your pit bull a license with all of his home information on it.  These are really cute!  You can get them at MyPetDMV


  • Image result for what does a pet microchip look likeThere is also the microchip, which is a permanent form of identification. It is about the size of a grain of rice. Your veterinarian will implant it in between your pit bull’s shoulder blades.


Although there is no form of identification out there that will guarantee that you will get your pit bull back, these options sure do make your chances higher.

Even though I know the importance of having these safety measures in place…. I never did. I was fortunate to live in a small back woods country town. Everyone knew that Trago was my dog. He seldom left my side. But he was the kind of dog that loved everybody and car rides. It could have been so easy for anybody to drive up and yell ‘want to go for a car ride, Trago?’ and he would have jumped right in.

My next pit bull will definitely have some form of identification on him or her.  Maybe even several forms.

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