My heart’s desire is to one day have another pit

My heart’s desire is to one day (hopefully soon) have another pit bull type  pitbullsdog for a companion. After raising one from a teeny tiny puppy, I would love to raise more. My boy was the most loving, goofy, playful, tail wagging, lap stealing, loyal dog that I ever had. He was also tuned into my emotional roller coaster. He used to wake me up when I was having nightmares. He always knew when my anxiety was getting the best of me. That’s when he would climb into my lap and lick my face. He was very aware of my PTSD and panic attacks. He seldom left my side. I miss him every day.

Knowing how perceptive my boy was without any training to deal with me, I would love a pit bull type dog as a service dog. I love the goofy breeds so much. I think a pit bull trained to deal with PTSD and anxiety would be a wonderful dog indeed.

I have my research cute out for me. Since I am not in the same state that I was in when I had my boy, I need to find out what I need to do…. if there are laws here against pit bulls as service dogs… how exactly do I go about getting an actual trained, certified service dog…. Off to research land I go.


So, I found out that there are no laws against pit bulls as service dogs where I live.  And landlords can not discriminate against a pit bull service dog.  I also found out that The Animal Farm Foundation, out of New York might be able to help me get a service dog…..I just need to fill out the paper work. (which makes my anxiety go through the roof)


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