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The Animal Farm Foundation and Universal K9 work together to save pit bulls and give them the training they need to become police dogs.  It costs thousands of dollars to purchase a police dog from a breeder.  Training rescued pit bulls saves lives and money.

kiah-dog.jpg  Have you heard about Kiah?  She’s a police officer in New York.  She’s also an 85lb rescued pit bull.  Kiah is fighting pit bull stereotypes by helping to find missing people and sniffing out drugs.   Kiah was in a shelter in Texas with a horrible injury to her skull.  She had been hit on the head with hammer.  Now she protects and serves.


Image result for pictures of shaka the pit bull Another pit bull, Shaka, was rescued from death row in a New York shelter.  Shaka was enrolled in the training program at the Washington State Patrol Academy.  Shaka did very well and graduated the program.  Shaka was a member of the Washougal Police Department for four years, until they downsized their canine unit.  That’s when she was relocated to the Milwaukie Police Department.

* Update *

As of December 2017 there are 52 Universal K-9 pit bulls working on the streets of America!  Here are a couple more wonderful pit bulls helping to keep us safe.

In Stafford Kansas, you will find Kano.  He is named after the Mortal Combat character due to his one blue eye and one yellow eye.  Kano is a drug sniffing dog but the department hopes to have him trained for tracking also.  Kano seems pretty happy working for his ball!


 Kara, was rescued from a Texas shelter.  After her training she became a member of the Colorado Mounted Rangers, in Parker, Co.  Kara is trained in drug detection and tracking to help find missing people.


Image may contain: dog and outdoorApollo, was once thought to be un-adoptable due to his high energy.  The Tukwila Police Department decided to give him a chance.  Apollo is a drug sniffing K-9 with the Tukwila PD in Washington state.


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