Pit bulls are just like any other dog.

Pit bulls are just like any other dog. They like the same things that other dogs like, maybe a bit more intensely.

Belly rubs are always asked for.

SAFE 6-1-2015 by Rebound Hounds --- TO BE DESTROYED 6/1/216 TO BE DESTROYED 5/30/2015 TO BE DESTROYED 5/29/2015 Manhattan Center GLEASON – A1035847 MALE, He is tooth-achingly sweet, to the dogs he meets in the back, to all the humans who stop to fawn over him, and he cannot get enough human affection. During a rousing game of ball–and he is in the big leagues of ball talent–he always stops mid fetch for a quick pat before carrying on.


Porkchop is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier searching for a forever family near Studio City, CA. Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area.


Pit bulls are big on kissing, hugging, and cuddling.

Behaviour of Pit Bulls


Cleo - URGENT - ALPINE HUMANE SOCIETY in Alpine, TX - ADOPT OR FOSTER - Adult Female Pit Bull Terrier - Cleo is here because she was no longer wanted after producing her puppies.  This delightful, fun and well socialized pooch is now looking for a family to show her kindness from this point forward. She plays well with all other dogs and really enjoys a good hug from humans. She has a high-pitched bark that she uses when she's uncomfortable and frankly she's uncomfortable in her kennel. From scared stiff to slobbery kisses, a terrified pit bull transforms after rescue from a trash heap.  Pit Bull....isn't that beautiful! Look at that sweet girl and her dog :) Now that's a kiss!  Nigel loves to kiss at any time of the day.  Teddy loves to give morning kisses.  Ha haha I guess she could be considered a lap dog - Imgur


Taking walks and hanging out with friends is a must.

After dinner, we all take a walk.  And sometimes, we stop for ice cream.  ~ Houston Foodlovers 18.9k Likes, 90 Comments - The Dodo (@thedodo) on Instagram: “Wesley the cow and Chance the pit bull were both rescued as babies by @sunrisesanctuary.  Even…” 33 Terrifyingly Adorable Pit Bulls look at the gentle touch Just look at that 'vicious' pit bull. THIS is a pit bull's true nature...loving, loyal, and gentle! When my dog was a life she always took the horses for a walk it was so cool!


Pit bulls love to play….

Mika (aka.Meeka) is an adoptable Pit Bull Terrier mix in Winchendon, MA. Well, as you can see I am not afraid to dress up in a Wonder Woman costume! When you reach 5yrs old, 35 in dogs years, you don't ca... Cute pibble! Stephanie: Ivory the pitbull/lab is wearing a DIY scuba costume. Which originated from her love of swimming in lakes, pools, puddles etc.  Pets love traveling to Carolina Beach when they stay with us at the Beacon House Inn vacation cottages! www.beaconhouseinnb-b.com #petfriendly This photo is of a Pitbull dog playing “fetch” on the beach. Super active and energetic dog. More pictures to come from this ses... Stylish #Pit #Bull

They like going for car or motorcycle rides.

Cães adotados fotografados no caminho de casa com sua nova família. =] Puppy Doe (Kiya) loved to go for car rides. Story: http://www.examiner.com/article/puppy-doe-update-her-name-was-kiya Let's Go, Lucy! Pit Bull Rides Shotgun on Mom's Motorcycle ... Spirit enjoys the ride in Utah. The pair have been documenting their progress through jour...

Sometimes pit bulls like to take baths.

Ramsey is a Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier, known as @ bluestaffy on Instagram Lovin bath time!!!❤️ Little pibble bath!

Summer treats are never turned down.

Instagram photo by Amstaff Dogs • Oct 22, 2015 at 10:45 AM Say cheese! Dex loves watermelon,only he's alllergic :-(

Seeing Santa and the Easter Bunny is a joy.

Vicious Pit Bull....Failing Viciousness A pit bull dog kisses the Easter Bunny (catching the softer side of pit bulls) Love this photo? Re-pin it!

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