Pit Bulls Are Unique

“Controlled studies have not identified this breed group as disproportionately dangerous. The pit bull type is particularly ambiguous as a ‘breed’ encompassing a range of pedigree breeds, informal types and appearances that can not be reliably identified.” – American Veterinary Medical Association, 2015

Pit bulls, like every dog, like every person, are unique. They have their own personalities. The one trait that’ve I’ve seen in EVERY pit bull that I’ve met (and I’ve met A LOT) is their love towards people. Pit bulls are kissers and butt waggers. I’ve been knocked down more than once just to end up with a bright-eyed, smiling, slobbery pit bull sitting on my chest.

I have never met anybody that has been bitten by a pit bull. There were people that I knew that had been bitten by a Chihuahua, a Chow, by a German Shepard. I had been to peoples’ homes and they would tell me to wait outside until they put their dog away because the dog didn’t like strangers. These dogs were: a Beagle, a Collie, a Poodle, and a Miniature Doberman. I myself have been bitten by dogs: a Pug, an American Eskimo Miniature (who bit my finger right to the bone), and a Poodle.

Judging any of these breeds as a whole never crossed my mind. Only the individual dogs, and even then I wonder what caused that dog to act that way. I know for a FACT that every time I was bitten that it was my fault. I did not read the dog’s body language. I didn’t pay attention to the signs that the dogs were trying to send me.

No two people have the same personalities. No two dogs have the same personalities. I’ve known a pit bull that refused to be house-trained. One that hated to be put in a kennel and would destroy it, but never destroyed anything else in the house. I knew a pit bull that loved to swim but another from the same litter was terrified of water. I knew a pit bull that showed no interest in anything other than getting belly rubs. One pit bull would run around the yard until he could run no more, then he would plop down and pass out.

All of these pit bulls had their own quirks, their own personalities. They all also lived with other animals. Some of them even had their own children to play with them. They were all loved by their families. All of them loved their humans. They were all also judged because they were pit bulls……

Author: JTowsley

I am a dad of three, two boys and a girl. I have a wonderful wife, Heather. We love animals, especially pit bull type dogs.

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