Sergeant Stubby – The Movie


Sergeant Stubby was a brindle bull terrier mutt. He was a World War 1 hero. Sergeant Stubby was the greatest war dog in our Nation’s history. And now there is a movie about him.

sergeant-stubby-the-movie The movie is supposed to tell the tale of Stubby’s life as a war dog. Stubby started out as a stray on the streets of New Haven, Connecticut. He was rescued by a young American soldier named, Robert Conroy.  Conroy and his fellow soldiers forged bonds with Stubby.


Stubby went to France with Conroy, and fought in the trenches with him and the other soldiers. He was in many battles and even received wounds during a chemical attack. Stubby recovered and continued to stand by his troops.


Sergeant Stubby survived the war and came home to the States. He led parades as a decorated war hero. Stubby even went to law school with Conroy. He became the mascot of Georgetown University.

stubby-and-conroy This wonderful dog lead a very adventurous life. I truly hope that the movie captures Stubby’s love for Conroy and his courageous nature. I am waiting in great anticipation to see this movie!


How about you?  Are you going to take your family to see it?  Will you point out to your kids that the wonderful dog they are watching is a bully breed? I hope this movie starts conversations!

Author: Heather

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2 thoughts on “Sergeant Stubby – The Movie”

  1. Heather and Joe, I am only disappointed that this movie has not come out in UK yet. Because, of course I want to watch it!! I expect I shall have to take tissues with me, as I am a proper sob when it’s anything to do with dogs. The problem is, as a fellow owner of my lovely border terrier Indy, I have come to realise that the unconditional love and joy a dog brings you can only be compared to the love of your child or grandchild, bar the chatting back when that child grows into a terrible but wonderful teenager. Nasty pit bulls, argumentative border terriers; as far as I am concerned they are only labels humans stick to breeds too generally and quickly, without going into whether the individual dog had a problem or, more likely, his or her owners were not responsible ones. As you remind us with Stubby’s heroic life, dogs are capable of one thing only: sheer love 🙂

    1. Dogs, no matter the breed, (though we LOVE pit bulls), truly do bring their family so much love and joy. You are right, humans are very quick to put labels on dogs (all living things for that matter) without knowing all of the facts first. We hope that this movie about such a wonderful dog, will help to change hearts and minds about the pit bull type dogs. That people will see that these dogs too are filled with love.
      Thank you, Giulia

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