Special Delivery For Your Dog

I know that I love getting packages in the mail. How about you? Do you think that your dog would like his own special delivery? Well, he can get a monthly delivery from BULLYMAKE BOX. What is in this special delivery box you ask? Fun toys and yummy treats.


Bully Make Box ToysBULLYMAKE BOX has wonderful tough toys for your power chewer. Each month there are new toys to keep your tough chewer happy. Each box will contain 2-3 new toys.

If your dog destroys a toy within 14 days of receiving it, then BULLYMAKE BOX will send you another tougher toy. 100% guaranteed!


Bully Make Box TreatsDoes your pup have food allergies? Just let them know at BULLYMAKE BOX. They hand pick everything to make sure your pup gets the right items. Each box will have 3-4 yummy treats for your dog. They have treats that any dog would love. Quack Tenders and German Chicken Filets are treats made by BULLYMAKE BOX.

Saving Money

Not only are BULLYMAKE BOX treats and toys made in the USA, but there is no shipping cost when mailed in the United States! No shipping, yay!

There are different plans you can choose from. If you just want to try them out to see if you like what they have to offer….then just order a one-month box. You can also go for the 3-month plan, the 6-month plan, or the 12-month plan. Of course the 12-month plan saves you the most money.

If your dog is anything like my pit bull was, then I’m guessing you have already spent tons of money on toys that were destroyed in 5 minutes or less. BULLYMAKE BOX has a 14 day 100% guarantee on all of their toys. Have you found a store that has that guarantee on any of the many toys you have already purchased?

If your dog received a toy or treat that he loved, then you can shop bullymakeshop.com to purchase individual items.


Order your first box and watch your dog enjoy her very own special delivery!

Then come on back and let us know what you think about BULLYMAKE BOX!

Author: JTowsley

I am a dad of three, two boys and a girl. I have a wonderful wife, Heather. We love animals, especially pit bull type dogs.

4 thoughts on “Special Delivery For Your Dog”

  1. My cousin has a nice dog. I am not so well verse in dog breed types so I do not know to describe what type of dog he has. It’s a furry dog nice soft fur and medium size. What I like about this dog is he is so quiet. He never barks and loves to side beside visitors. He enjoys padding and petting on his body. It is kind like of a massage. Not a single toy given to him attracts his attention. Can the toy that you suggests works on him? I guess he just loves the human touch.

    1. Fortunately I have never dealt with a dog that doesn’t like to play with toys.  Though I have had dogs that were picky with what toys they would play with.  But all of the dogs I have known in my life have loved treats! 

  2. Hi there
    Your website struck a bit of a chord with me as I had a pit bull for a few years before I was married.
    I loved her a lot and would spoil the hell out of her. Shortly after getting married she got out from her inclosure and was placed in a pound. To release her I was expected to pay 10 thousand in fines. (Because of her breed here in Australia she was deemed a dangerous animal) I didn’t have the money to get her released and she was put down. That was 12 years ago and it only feels like yesterday. I was heartbroken
    Looks like a great toy for dogs
    A few suggestions..
    Try a more interactive theme. Theres heaps to choose from here at WA
    Have a large header for your images
    Keep up the good work
    Kind regards

    1. Always glad to meet a fellow pit bull lover! I am so sorry to hear about your pit bull. Stories like yours are why I’ve created this site.

      Yes, this company makes wonderful toys for dogs that are tough chewers.  

        Thank you for your comments and advice on my page.  

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