Stop Dog Fighting Rings

Dog fighting is cruel and inhumane. We as a Global Whole need to stop dog fighting rings. But, in order to do that we need to know and understand what dog fighting is and why it’s done.

Definition of Dog Fighting

Dog FightingDog fighting is a type of blood sport generally defined as two or more game dogs against one another in a ring or pit for the entertainment of the spectators or the gratification of the dog fighters, who are sometimes referred to as dog men.

There are 3 kinds of dog fighters:

  • Street Fighters – These fights are usually unorganized and take place for money, or drugs, or just plain bragging rights.
  • Hobbyists – These people fight dogs for entertainment and to supplement their income.
  • Professionals – These people breed generations of fighting dogs. They make large amounts of money and they own many dogs.

Early TrainingFighting dogs are bred specifically to fight. They begin training as puppies, which entails mistreatment and abuse. Part of the training for fighting dogs is to trigger their extreme survival instincts and encourage aggression by taunting them and starving them. They are kept penned up or chained.

Fighting dogs are often given legal and illegal drugs. They are given steroids to build muscle mass and to make them more aggressive. The dogs are also given narcotic drugs to mask pain or fear during a fight and to increase their aggression and reactivity.

Bait DogDogs that refuse to fight and other animals such as: cats, rabbits, puppies, small dogs, and even live stock (which are usually stolen pets) are used as ‘bait’ animals. Bait animals are usually mauled, tortured and even killed in order to boost the dog’s fighting instincts.

A dog fight can be over in just minutes or it could last for hours. A fight usually lasts until one of the dogs is dead. Within hours or even days after a fight, dogs that fought often die of shock, dehydration, blood loss, exhaustion or even infections. If the ‘looser’ dog doesn’t die in the fight then the owner usually kills it by torture.

Not only are helpless dogs being hurt, but our children are being hurt. Children are brought to these events. Children. Children are brought to watch the brutal dog fights to promote insensitivity to animal suffering and to encourage enthusiasm for violence, and to be taught disrespect for the law.

Drugs Guns and MoneyDrugs, guns, and a lot of money are typically at these events. Bets on which dog will win can be thousands of dollars. Aside from the large amounts of money that can be won from a fight, the dog owners can make thousands of dollars from stud fees and selling the puppies.

In all of the American 50 states, dog fighting is illegal. Yet, in spite of this, there are over 1000 dogs killed each year in dog fighting events across the country.

OK now that we know what dog fighting is and that it is done for money, how do we stop it? Every single one of us is responsible for the animals on this planet. It is up to us to make sure that all animals are safe. That means that we keep our eyes and ears open. We stand up and say enough is enough!

Check out this amazing video by Tiki Taane .

If you see dog abuse take pictures or videos and bring them to your local police. There are also animal abuse hot lines that you can call 24/7.

If everybody does their part then maybe, just maybe we can stop dog fighting for good!





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  1. I think this is the cruelest thing a person could do. Can you imagine someone throwing you into a pit to fight for their advantage or pleasure? Champion or not it is a mental torture. Especially if the dog is naturally a mild manor dog who is forced to participate in this type of entertainment.

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