Tips On How To Ease Anxiety In Pit Bulls

Does your pit bull tend to be anxious in some situations? Here are a few tips that might make high anxiety situations easier for you and your pit bull.

If at all possible try to tire your pup out first. A dog that has used up most of his energy playing will have less energy to use on being anxious. So a good play session should be in order before any high anxiety situations.

Loud Noises

Trago Cuddling
Help loud sounds. Your lap will protect me.

My boy was afraid of the wind, thunder, stomping your feet, fireworks, basically any loud noise that didn’t come from him or one of the other animals. I tried many things that just didn’t help him, and I do not count being on my lap every time the wind blew as helping him.

Then, one day I saw an ad for the ThunderShirt, which is a gentle compression vest. Boy, did I buy one real fast, and it worked. Slowly, he stopped jumping on my lap at every loud sound. I was even able to start showing him where some of the noises were coming from and that they wouldn’t hurt him.

Sometimes all it takes is the slight pressure of a ‘hug’ to let them know that they are safe.

Bath Time

My pit bull loved water….as long as it was at the local swimming hole. Bath meant run and hide. If your pittie is the same way, try these tips:

  • Fill the tub while your pup is in another room out of ear shot. The sound of running water can be scary.
  • The noise of the shampoo bottle being squeezed can make an already nervous dog jumpy. Put the shampoo in a different container and dilute it.
  • Spread peanut butter on the tub walls.

Why did I never think of that last one?! I always had treats ready for my boy for after the bath, and he would grudgingly take them. I bet if I had covered the walls with peanut butter he would have ASKED for a bath.

Time To See The Vet

This was never a problem for us. As long as he was out seeing people, my boy was happy. If your pit bull has anxiety over seeing her doc, then use food. Bring her to the vet hungry and bring plenty of treats. Eating is soothing and relaxing for us so why not our best friend? If you have a puzzle toy that you can put goodies in then that is even better. It will keep your pit bull’s brain occupied as she works on getting the food out. Major distraction from nerves.

Separation Anxiety

My boy had separation anxiety bad. After trying so many things and combinations of things, we finally found that Opera music was the key. Try to stay away from Rock or Heavy Metal music, it could agitate the situation. Stay with relaxing sounds. Some dogs like Classical music and others like Reggae. You could even try having your pit bull listen to an audio book.

I hope these tips on how to ease anxiety in pit bulls are helpful to you and your pit bulls. And please if you have some tips to add, let us know.


Author: JTowsley

I am a dad of three, two boys and a girl. I have a wonderful wife, Heather. We love animals, especially pit bull type dogs.

2 thoughts on “Tips On How To Ease Anxiety In Pit Bulls”

  1. Huge pitbull lover here too! I may have the worlds smallest pitbull mix, maybe anyway, I like to think so. She is 17 pounds and 7 years old. Her mother was pit bull and father a toy Aussie, not sure how this was managed but I digress. She looks all pit in mini form.
    I have to try the bathtub trick with the peanut butter! She has never been very happy about bath time either. She does not like being wet at all, hates rain or even having wet paws. I have found though the warmer the water for her the better. She will be hesitant to get in but once in she seems to enjoy how warm it is. All until it is time to get out.
    It is after bathtime we have the biggest issue. She will hide and sometimes take a whole day before wanting to come back out to socialize with anyone. Like she is throwing a protest. Any suggestions on ways to help her get over that more easily?
    Any help appreciated, thank you!

    1. What a tiny pit mix! She doesn’t do the after bath zoomies? Hopefully the peanut butter trick will help. Do you have a room that doesn’t have any hiding spots that you could put her in and sit with her? I’m not sure why but some dogs see bath time as a kind of punishment. So, if you could have some one on one time with her after her bath, with treats and toys, it might help ease her mind. Or if she loves car rides, when you get done drying her off, have her leash all ready and ask if she wants to go for a ride. Have anything that she loves ready for when bath time is over. It might take some time to break her protesting ways, but I’m sure it will be worth it! I hope these ideas help!!

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