To Let Them Flop Or To Crop A Pit Bull’s Ears?

I personally love the look of floppy ears on pit bulls. Something about theTrago Floppy Ears goofy looks that are accented by those floppy ears just make me smile. There are different reasons why people crop dog’s ears.  What do you think…to let them flop or to crop a pit bull’s ears?

The Reasons

It has been said that ear cropping started because of the dog fighting rings. It was either crop the pit bull’s ears or watch them get bitten and torn off by the other dog. Cropping is still being practiced. Some owners prefer the look of cropped ears over the floppy ears. Other owners get their pit bull’s ears cropped to make them look meaner or tougher. There are owners that get their pit bull’s ears cropped for what they believe to be medical reasons, such as, to prevent ear canal infections and to eliminate the chance of ear flap trauma and infection. Yet, veterinarians have found no evidence of this.

I can not find medical justification for cropping a dog’s pinnas (outer ear). T.J.Dunn, Jr DVM

The Procedure

In order to crop a dog’s ears, the dog needs to be between 6-12 weeks of age. The pup is put under general anesthesia. Normally 2/3 of the ear is removed along with any important nerve endings. Stitches are used to close the cut. The puppy’s ears have to be bandaged for several weeks. The ears need to be checked weekly by the veterinarian and the bandages changed. Like any surgery there could be complications, such as, the ears could become infected, or there may be bleeding, and in some cases the ears may need to be amputated. After being cropped, a pup’s ears will be sensitive and painful for weeks. They can even get phantom pains.


Cropped Ear Pit BullEar cropping has been banned in some countries. Australia, Canada, and some European countries have banned the practice. Unfortunately America has not banned ear cropping. I believe this practice should be banned everywhere. I am a firm believer that we should love our pit bulls just the way they were made. There is no necessity for cropping ears so why do it? If you are considering getting your pit bull’s ears cropped, please talk to your veterinarian and get their opinion.

Please weigh in on this issue. I’d like to see your pittie…. floppy ears or cropped, I love pit bulls.


Author: Heather

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6 thoughts on “To Let Them Flop Or To Crop A Pit Bull’s Ears?”

  1. I personally also like the floppy ears on the pit bull. Just makes them look so darn cute, and not so vicious. Plus, I don’t understand why anyone would put a dog thru pain anyway just for a “look”. I have a boxer, and it is the same thing. I love his floppy ears and it makes him look much more like a pet. So I have to agree with you on the floppy ears. I did not know the reason behind cutting them, and I think it should be banned here in the U.S. too!

    1. Yay for the flop! Boxers are very cute with their floppy ears. I could not imagine the pain cropping must cause. I would like to see a campaign started for the banning of cropping ears in the United States. I can see myself chanting “Let Them Flop”.

  2. Hi Towsley,

    Great article!
    I’ve never owned a Pit Bull, but a friend of mine had one.
    He wanted to crop its ears, but the country where we live doesn’t allow for cropping ears dogs. It was allowed a few years ago, but they stopped now. Even the tails cannot be cut anymore. I personally think it should be forbidden all over the world!

    However, I love flop ears; I think it is the most charming thing in dogs:)

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    1. Floppy ears just makes their facial expressions so much better 🙂  I agree with you, cropping ears should be forbidden EVERYWHERE!  

  3. I don’t support ear cropping and couldn’t understand what’s so aesthetic about it. At the vet where I work, I’ve seen more complication with ear cropping than what was supposed to be done right.

    Pet owners don’t always know how long it takes for wound to heal, some don’t even think it would bleed. They think they are cutting plastics with no sensory.

    Fortunately, my boss is also on the same page with me so we don’t do all these messy businesses.

    1. Cathy,

      Thank you for working in a place that doesn’t allow ear cropping.  I KNOW that animals feel pain.  Even with some of the major injuries that I’ve had over the years, I can’t even begin to imagine how painful ear cropping must be.  

      Hopefully, more people will stand up against ear cropping around the globe.

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