Top 5 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are Awesome

There are many reasons why pit bulls are awesome dogs.  Every pit bull person has their own reasons for loving these dogs.   Here are my top 5 reasons why pit bulls are awesome.

Pit Bulls Are Awesome

Pit bulls are very eager to please. – Because pit bulls crave our praise and attention, they will do almost anything their favorite people ask of them. They just loving hearing ‘good boy’ with pats and treats.

Pit bulls are very loyal. – Once a pit bull claims you as ‘theirs’, you will have a friend for life.  Your pup will love you forever.  A pit bull will give up his life for you.

Goofy SmilesPit bulls have wonderful smiles. – There is nothing better than seeing a pit bull’s big goofy smile.  I love their smiles.  I love how they stick their tongues out the side of their mouths and just grin.

Pit bulls love to snuggle. – They want to snuggle almost all the time. All. The Time.  They will take over your lap. There could be half of the bed open and your pit bull will lay on your chest instead. When they aren’t busy playing or eating, pit bulls want to be by your side.

Pit bulls give the best kisses. – I have never had doggie kisses quite like kisses from a pit bull before. They are intense kissers. Pit bulls want to make sure that you feel their love by covering your entire face with kisses!  Even if they saw you just 5 minutes ago, they will still cover you with kisses.


OK, now that I’ve shared with you MY top reasons for loving pit bulls, It’s your turn. Let me know YOUR top reasons that you think pit bulls are awesome.

Author: Heather

I'm here to help my husband, Joe, create Pit Bull Love.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are Awesome”

  1. I use to have an American pit she was like an orange color such a good dog. Yes, those dogs are very loyal if properly trained. I know a few dogs that went after their master. You have to treat them with kindness to obey you. Now I have a Frenchie and he snorts like a pig lol.

    1. All dogs need to be properly trained with kindness and respect. No dog attack their master or anybody else for no reason. Pit bulls just like any other dog have their ‘tells’ if they are going to bite. There is always reasons behind their behavior. I’m glad that you have experience with these wonderful dogs! Snorting Frenchies are cute!

  2. Great post! I hate that pits get such negative attention. They are amazing, loyal and loving. If someone has ever owned a pit they can attest to how great they are!

  3. I am an animal lover and dogs are on top of that list. I never had a close-up relationship with a pit bull until one day I had to rekey an abandoned house and found one locked in a room. Once I opened the door, he ran back and forth like 10 times before looking at me. He came right up to me, at my feet, turned over and laid on his back with his tail wiggling. Instant love I had. I left and got food and water and man he ate and drank forever it seemed.
    Good news is because we already had 3 dogs of our own, we found a couple who recently lost their pit bull to adopt him. They also had love at first site. Love the article, thanks for the read.

    1. Thank you so much for saving that dog! I’m so glad that you were able to find a good home for him. I just love happy ending stories like this. A strange, abandoned pit bull just walks up to you and lays down belly up with his tail wagging… amazing! That dog was trusting you to help him. It just shows how great these dogs are. Thank you!

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