Why Do Pit Bulls Frog Leg


Trago Frog Leg
Mr Frog Butt

Your pit bull laying like a frog is normal.  It’s rather common, in fact.

I think a pittie’s frog legs is very cute! Though the first time I saw my boy laying like a frog, I was very nervous. I had never seen a dog lay like that before. But then he did it again and again, so I figured it must not hurt him.

He laid like a frog so often that I started calling him Frog Butt. Though it is more commonly known as ‘splooting’.

3 Different Sploots

There is the Classic Sploot where one leg is kicked back while the other leg is tucked beneath the body.

Then there is the Side Sploot which can be on either side. This is where one leg is under the body and the other leg is kicked out to the side, and the dog is often laying with one hip on the ground.

Finally, there is the Full Sploot which I think is adorable. This is when your dog lays with both legs kicked out behind her body, showing a full body stretch.

It Can Be A Healthy Position

Here is one reason why pit bulls frog leg.  When your pit bull lays down with his frog legs, it relaxes his hips and legs. This position helps to stretch out the hip and leg muscles.

Plus laying flat out on a cold floor or out in the dirt in hot weather can help to keep your pup from over heating.

Younger dogs tend to sploot more then senior dogs due to the fact that they have better flexibility.

Splooting Due To Pain

Image result for pit bull splootsHere is another reason why pit bulls frog leg.   A dog may sploot to relieve pain in his/her joints.

Hip dysplasia, ataxia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, torn ligaments, and trauma caused by injury are some possible health reasons why your pit bull might sploot.

If so, then pay attention to the way he/she walks and if he/she shows signs of being in pain. If you think that your dog is frog legging for the wrong reasons then please call your veterinarian.

Though seeing cute little Frog Butts is entertaining, please make sure that your pup is healthy. Feel free to share pictures of your fur baby splooting!

I know that it’s not just pit bulls that lay like a frog.  It’s just that personally I have only seen pit bulls lay like this.  I’m sure that any dog can lay like this and be cute as heck.  I’ve even heard that cats like to frog leg….

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6 thoughts on “Why Do Pit Bulls Frog Leg”

  1. Love it! Didn’t know they had a name for the frog leg.

    It reminds me of yoga for dogs, you can get a good stretch doing that!

  2. Interesting. I never knew that was actually a thing and had some background to it. I just thought dogs are dogs and they do whatever they want. hahaha. Makes sense now thanks to you!
    Splooting and Frog-leg, either way, it is funny for me to see pits like that.
    Thank you
    Sir Dantes

    1. I too didn’t realize Frog-legging was a thing. But after seeing my pit bull do it the first time I was a bit nervous so I Googled it. It is funny to see dogs lay like that. Not to mention that it’s super cute! Thanks.

  3. Very interesting! We have a new grand dog that is staying with us and he lays like that. (he is a Pit)
    I found it odd at first I had never seen anything like that. Very funny!
    Good information!
    Thank you for sharing

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